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20 Creative Accounts to Follow in 2022

One of my favorite things to do is explore and discover new content creators. I love seeing how one markets their personal brand, and seeing how it evolves over time. From bloggers and influencers to foodies and interior designers, I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and getting a jolt of inspiration and creativity.

I wanted to start you off on the right foot for the year by sharing the wealth of allll the accounts I've discovered throughout the past year, as well as some of my long-time favs! Welcome to my 20 Creative Accounts to Follow in 2022!

1 - @radillustrates - Artist/Illustrator

Originator of The Booty Portrait, Rachal A Duggan is an illustrator and live-drawer located in Milwaukee, who is best known for drawing butts on the spot (yes, you read that right, BUTTS). Not only did she attend art school in Chicago and work there as an artist for over a decade, she also teaches virtual and in-person drawing workshops (for all skill levels)! Check out her work or commission a custom drawing here!

2 - @michaelah.jpg - Photographer

Specializing in portrait, production, and theatrical photography, Photographer Michaelah Reynolds captures stylized artistry and magical moments alike. Her Instagram features both her and her work, and offers no shortage of inspiring content. To learn more about Michaelah or to book a session with her, visit her website!

3 @kazuyamorimotonyc - Artist

Someone I followed once reposted this artist and I've been following ever since! Kazuya grew up in Japan where he studied at the Art Factory Institution of Art before coming over to New York City to study painting at the Art Students League. Though his experience is vast and varied, most recently he's been painting the streets of New York, especially downtown corners. To learn more about Kaz or to check out his work, head to his website!

4 @crowhop - Lifestyle Design Agency / Branding

I am soooo obsessed with the aesthetic of Crowhop, a Lifestyle Design Agency. Not only have I seen some of their fantastic work on some of my favorite blogs and businesses, but their IG feed is chic, sexy, minimalistic, and sophisticated. If this is your vibe their page will give you allll the creative inspo. To learn more about Crowhop or to inquire about their services, check out their website.

5 @kellyn_mcmullan - Lifestyle Blogger

I kind of can't even believe I wasn't following Kellyn before this year! She has the best outfit/style/beauty content and is always capturing something fun. Follow her for productivity inspo (I love her morning workouts and smoothies) and for glimpses of arguably one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

6 @eastolivia - Floral Designer

I discovered East Olivia through one of my favorite bloggers who used her florals to style her new apartment makeover. East Olivia - designing whimsical floral arrangements that are equal parts perfectly curated yet effortlessly chaotic - offer both bespoke procurements as well as full installations at events and weddings. Do yourself a favor and explore their stunning creations here.

7 @hannahleelifestyle - Plus Lifestyle Blogger

I just recently discovered Hannah's account and I'm so obsessed with not just her content and her championing of the plus-size body, but also with how transparent she is about being a microinfluencer! Give her a follow!

8 @matthiasjbarker - Psychotherapist

I adore coming across Matthias's content on my feed - whether it's a video or a graphic, it's always the perfect little nugget of mindfulness and/or validation that makes me feel instantly more grounded and self-aware. To learn more about Matthias, his services, and his workshops(!), visit his website.

9 @ariellesays - Plus Lifestyle Blogger

Arielle is always up to something fun in the city, and always looking fab as hell while doing it. Im obsessed with her perfectly-curated photos in the MOST photogenic spots and her collection of the prettiest dresses.

10 @styledfreckles - Digital Creator (Fashion)

Zuleika is the CEO of the outfit reel (that's how I discovered her account at least) and when I tell you you must RUN to her account, you must. Her style is truly SO unique - serving looks both chic, eclectic, at times with an edgy or coastal flair.

11 @sojournstyle - Travel

If you dream of whimsical, feminine, coastal vibes (think Palm Springs/Palm Beach) you simply must be following this account. Let their images illicit the wanderlust in you or save them to your Pinterest board as inspiration for your future beach house. ;)

12 @bygonebroadway - Vintage Photography

If you're a Broadway or history buff, you must follow this account which features vintage photos of mostly behind-the-scenes photos of our favorite stage starts from years (you guessed it) gone by!

13 @suzyholman - Entrepreneur

I'm still not even sure how I stumbled upon Suzy Holman, but I'm so glad I did! She is delightfully chaotic and full of incredible business advice (especially as it relates to female entrepreneurs). She's also offers an honest, transparent, unfiltered glimpse into the life of motherhood as well. She's just so wonderfully herself which is quite refreshing these days!

14 @allieprovost - Photographer

It actually blows my mind that there was ever a time when I was not yet following Allie Provost. Queen of all things patterns and textures, Allie is a photographer/fashion blogger that turns the MOST colorful, vibrant looks all over the streets of New York. Also y'all, she is FUNNY...have you seen her TikTok? Follow her for the best outfit inspo, to see her iconic photography, and to keep up with her redesign of her new Upper East Side apartment! If you want to learn more about Allie or her photography offerings, check out her website here!

15 @moll_doll23 - Food Stylist

I met my girl Molly IRL at a workout dance class before I realized how cool of a job she has. I love seeing her ABSOLUTELY PERFECT curations on the IG feed (like seriously, I never knew food could look so immaculate), and she will often post recipes/tips step by step on her story. To learn more about Molly, give her a follow and also check out her STUNNING website!

16 @sarahbahbah - Artist

Alright, this account is for my feelers - for those who love to dive deep in their heart and acknowledge every fiber of emotion present. Sarah Bahbah is so many things, but chiefly she is a Palestinian/Jordanian-Australian Artist and Director. Based in LA, Sarah curates, captures, and creates one-of-a-kind artistic experiences with evocative imagery and poignant captions. Follow her on Instagram to see her latest work and check out her website to learn more about her!

17 @teutamatoshi - Designer

I am still waiting for someone to invite me to an event that warrants a splurge on a Teuta Matoshi dress. In sizes spanning from 0 to 22 (we love) as well as custom measurement options, each of these gowns is intricately airy and feminine - boasting lace, tulle, and embellishments. Give a follow to see the stunningly styled designs as they release, or explore the website to learn more about the brand.

18 @anabeth.jpg - Plus Digital Creator (Fashion & Design)

You just have to take one quick look at Anabeth's feed to glean that she is the absolute queen of all things color. With styled looks showcasing bright and bold hues (and shooting locations to match), I promise it's impossible to see a photo of hers on your feed and not instantly smile. To shop her outfits, her new wallpaper collection (!!), or to see the articles she's currently reading (what a fun feature!), head to her website!

19 @heyseantaylor - Plus Influencer

When I first saw Sean Taylor on Netflix's The Circle, I was instantly like omg I would LOVE to be her friend... Following her on IG feels just like that. She shares plus-size fits and her POV on cultural/societal issues (and also her cute dog)! She recently became engaged, so I am crossing my fingers for some insider wedding content coming up!!

20 @karinbohn - Interior Designer / Entrepreneur

I discovered Karin Bohn smack in the middle of quarantine in the spring of 2020 and binged EVERY SINGLE one of her YouTube videos - singe-handedly keeping me and my mental health afloat during a very difficult time in my career. She shares her experience of being a female entrepreneur running her own Interior Design firm, and also takes you behind-the-scenes on her various residential and commercial projects. You may recognize her from the Netflix show Restaurants on the Edge, a project she very much manifested over the years. Follow her on IG @karinbohn, and follow her business account as well at @houseofbohn.

And there you have it! A bevy of fun, creative accounts to follow this January. I know social media can at times be a dicey place in relation to mental health, but following all these people reminds me that it can also be such a lovely and wonderful place to showcase creativity, hobbies, and each of our lovely uniquenesses.

Want to contribute your favorite creative account!? Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram!

Until next time!



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