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4 End-of-Summer Party Theme Ideas

The dog days of summer are hot, heavy, and very much HERE as the clock rapidly runs out on our final moments of the official season. Kids are going back to school, we're feeling wistful for a change in the weather and vibes, and here I am in the middle of it all CLINGING TO MY SUNSHINE DAYS. I feel like each year during the end of August I'm always trying to find ANY excuse to host one final festive get-together before we launch into all things autumn. Whether it's an intimate dinner party, a day trip, or a massive summer send-off, I'm sharing 4 End-of-Summer Theme Ideas to bid adieu to the season of sunshine.

1 - Coastal Grandmother Dinner Party

Ah yes, the Nancy Meyers aesthetic that has taken TikTok and millennials everywhere by storm this summer. Coastal Grandmother is a personal style consisting of chic and elegant comfort: neutral colors, light textures like linen and cotton, and lots of natural materials like wood, stone, and florals. I think this calm yet festive theme would be stunning as a dinner party theme. Dawn the button downs, break out the taper candles, pour up your favorite rosé, and make something coastal and homey to serve up.

2 - Last Disco Splash

Wherever you are this summer, you best get yourself to a pool if you haven't yet. Whether you have one in your backyard, rent an Airbnb with one, or overtake your public/community spot, this last disco splash pool party is the perfect way to close out the season of sunshine. Plop some disco balls in the pool, find a flashy swimsuit, and pour up the most refreshing icy cocktails in novelty disco ball cups. Give your guests ~stayin' alive~ recovery kits to aid their inevitable hangover, and be sure to take lots of pictures of this epic aesthetic.

3 - McDonalds and Mimosas Brunch

Whether it's the morning after a wild night out or you just want to exert minimal hosting efforts, the McDonalds and Mimosas Brunch is an easy, kitschy, low-effort end-of-summer get together idea. Have your guests bring the bubbly, set out some mixers, and order in the works from the McDonald's breakfast menu. Bonus points if you decorate or do a little tablescape with the famous red and yellow, unmistakable color combo.

4 - Tourist for a Day

The best way to celebrate the end of a season - ESPECIALLY if you spent it in a different place than you usually reside the other months of the year - is to play Tourist for a Day! Make a list of all the tacky tourist must-sees and dos in your city, and spend your day gallivanting around town! Dawn the I <3 NY shirt, go on a bus tour, get a hot dog from a cart in Times Square, cruise the Staten Island Ferry at sunset, eat at the overpriced, gimmicky restaurant, etc. Soak up the last bit of summer fun in your city in the most lovely, cliche way.

I hope that in these last couple weeks of the official summer season, you get around to doing some cheesy group activities that celebrate this finite season of good vibes, sunshine, freedom, and silliness. Hopefully these 4 ideas give you some inspiration! If you try any of these or want to contribute your own brilliant theme idea, connect with me on Instagram @kelgurk!

Until next time!



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