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A Thanksgiving in Quarantine

I have been quarantining with my family here in Florida since mid-March, and though back then I would have envisioned being back in my tiny Manhattan apartment by Thanksgiving (just like the last 3 years), I was really grateful to be with loved ones...despite the 80-degree Florida weather. Our traditions are a little different than other families, so I thought I'd take you through our day for this week's blog post.

First thing's first, we SLEEP IN. We are a family of semi-late sleepers, and though usually in years past, I'd be the first one up, this year it was my mother who was busy in the kitchen when I came downstairs with my glasses and bedhead in search of my Friends turkey mug and some coffee.

Because of the whole late-sleepers thing, we always set the parade to record just so we don't miss any of Broadway performances (oh and you know the floats and balloons and pop stars etc). We have a big breakfast that's always served on the coffee table and this year we included mimosas as well!! It was delicious and the best way to start the day.

Once the parade is over, we usually lounge around for a bit, and once we begin going a little stir-crazy, we'll all "get ready" for the day. In years past in the city, we'd usually go for a walk in Central Park and end up taking pictures, but this year, my fam wanted to stay comfy and watch My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, so yours truly grabbed a tripod and a selfie-remote and took pictures alone on the patio like the psycho I am. :-)

It's a Florida faux fall outfit!

By mid-afternoon, we were starting to get a bit hungry, but we don't eat dinner until pretty late, so I whipped up a quick and shoddy charcuterie board for us to munch on in the interim. Fun fact! I made my very first charcuterie board 2 Thanksgivings ago! :')

Ignore the crumbs, it's Thanksgiving...

For the next couple hours, we enjoyed some Angry Orchards and I started setting the table while my mom finished cooking. Then at long last (about 7pm which is honestly kind of early for us!) we sat down to partake in our delicious Thanksgiving feast.

I've had these hand-woven Guatemalan placemats for 2 years that I picked up at the NY Now trade show back when I worked in interior design. I've always wanted to use them, but they wouldn't fit on my little round table in New York, so I was stoked to finally be able to put them out this year! They inspired this muted fall tablescape. Also, in the spirit of transparency, the water glass and wine glass should actually be switched...I'M LEARNING HOW TO BE PROPER SLOWLY BUT SURELY!

After some post-dinner table talk, we eventually moved to the living room where we watched the first holiday movie of the *official* season - Happiest Season (which we loved)!

All things considered, there is so much to be thankful for this year. I have my health, I'm around loved ones, I have a place to lie my head at night, and though this year has quite literally taken so, SO much from me and so many others, there's still those pockets in the day or the month or the year where, even just for a fleeting moment, everything feels okay.

And that's my wish for you - this week, this year, this lifetime - that you have moments upon moments where all is calm and all is bright.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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