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Announcing: Personalized Shopping Roundups! A New Service

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Today is the six month (or half-anniversary if you will) of the Kelgurk blog!!! It's been so much fun to create content, conversations, and connection on this platform through various mediums, and I have got a lot up my sleeve for the next six months...the first of which being a new service that I'm offering: PERSONALIZED SHOPPING ROUNDUPS!


If you don't follow me on Instagram, you're probably wondering what *is* a roundup!?

A roundup is a collage of shoppable (meaning they're currently available for purchase) pieces under a collective theme - some examples are below! The purpose of a roundup is essentially to have the entire internet vetted by someone who knows what you're looking for to result in a more refined, curated set of products. I love putting these together for my followers so they can keep an eye on any current trends or newly released pieces, but also a larger part of it is the time-saving aspect. I know that I personally have spent hours scouring the internet for a specific product that I'm looking for, that's in my specific size, in my specific price-range, that will arrive when I need it to arrive. This service will largely eradicate all the research involved in that process, thus giving you time to do more important things!

Throughout the past six months that I've been posting roundups, I've received TONS of requests for specific products or circumstances, so much so that I've decided to offer it as a NEW SERVICE!


It's an incredibly simple procedure! Send me a DM on Instagram with what you are looking for! Give me as many details as you think I need to know! Then, in just 1-2 business days, I will email you a curated pdf of your personalized roundup (including about 8-13 products depending on availability) for your perusal! All images will have links embedded so you can literally just click and check-out!


Almost nothing! If you can think of it and shop for it (clothing, accessories, gifts, home decor, supplies, costumes, kitchenware, etc.) I can round it up! Intangible things such as experiences (entertainment, activities, services, theme parks, etc.) I cannot round up.


Just $25 per item request!


Here are some examples of sample clients I built roundups for!


The Mission: For his anniversary with his boyfriend, Dylan was after a lavender turtleneck dupe as inspired by the below image of Niall Horan.

The Cost: 1 product roundup - $25


The Mission: Molly recently installed this fab wallpaper in the living room of her Manhattan apartment and was after a sofa, area rug, coffee table, and swivel chair to match it. Because she was super open both in style and budget, I could really play around with different products and ended up creating actual in-situ schemes for her! The goal was that she could mix and match the pieces, and I even threw in a couple extras for her to consider as well!

The Cost: 4 product roundup - $100

And there you have it!

I am so excited to whip up these individually curated creative collages for you, so let's get started! Shoot me a DM on Instagram and let me know what you're after!


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