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Hocus Pocus 2 Watch Party

Spooky season is now in FULL SWING, and to kick things off I wanted to share a little recap of a small, casual watch party I hosted for the new Hocus Pocus movie!

Say what you want about the film itself, but piling my friends into my teeny tiny studio apartment to partake in bourbon cocktails, snack on sweets, and giggle at the Sanderson sisters was the PERFECT way to start the Halloween season.

I'll admit, I had intentions to keep this a low-effort, casual get-together but as these things usually do, it turned into quite a THEMED engagement with many fun details: from mocking up an invitation whilst bored on vacation to tackling the Sanderson Sisters cheeseboard trend sweeping the internet.

Please enjoy scrolling through the details of the evening - I hope this inspires you to host your own watch party!

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Created on Canva (revolutionary, I know).

FOOd, drinks, & DECOR

Thank god for the Trader Joes bakery section! Some pumpkin bread and a brookie perfectly cut into squares, plus these pumpkin mouse bites, some peanut butter cups, and a mini cauldron filled with tiny pumpkin candies, this dessert board required zero cook time.

Because I have a studio apartment, I can't not put SOME decoration in my bathroom. It just feels lazy considering it's the only other room in my entire residence. I threw some festive garland and spider blacklights up around the vanity mirror and called it a day!

These tabletop festive neon signs from Amazon were the perfect last-minute impulse buy to create even MORE clutter on my shelves and punctuate the room. Plus it was perfect mood lighting for movie time.

Since my place is so tiny I tried to put pillows and blankets everywhere to help make the space a bit more cozy and comfortable.

What's a movie without popcorn!? These little halloween pails found in the Target dollar section made for the perfect candy dishes to accompany the popcorn bar.

There were 9 of us in my 400 sqft apartment!

The devil's in the details! These plastic spider rings made for the easiest add to plain dishes, and these themed Hocus Pocus cupcake toppers were the perfect tool to stab cheese off the charcuterie board.

Tried my hand at the Hocus Pocus charcuterie board with some brie, some berries, and encompassed with some Peruvian potato chips from Trader Joes, which made for the perfect spooky board filler.

This little drinks station was thrown together using things I already had on hand.

The Sanderson Spritz was made with bourbon, Grand Marnier, orange juice, and prosecco - recipe here. Though ye be warned, this recipe is not for the faint of heart.


I impulse-bought this Sanderson Witch Museum t-shirt on Amazon 48 hours before the get-together and it was the perfect comfy addition. Super inexpensive and came in a bunch of colors!

I was an idiot and accidentally screwed up my shipping info so these arrived late, but I ordered these perfect boooook custom cookies from Sweets by Shuggs to hand out as party favors. They turned out so cute!

I hope these little snapshots give you some Halloween inspo to host your own get together! Having a watch party is such a good, easy way to have people over without having to exhaust yourself chatting the entire time.

What did you think of the movie?!

Until next time!



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