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Holiday Lookbook

A few weeks ago, I asked what your favorite holiday songs were on an installment of Corona Convo (a Q&A conversation sparked by quarantine that takes place on my Instagram stories every now and then), and you did NOT disappoint with your range of selections - so much so that I decided to create a lookbook based off of them! All photos captured by the lovely and talented Jenna Rinicker!! Outfit details will be available on the SHOP page!

I'm super excited to present my holiday lookbook to you! Listen along with the below playlist. It's guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit!

The Christmas Song

This is the very first Christmas song I play each year to get me in the spirit. It's so simple and unassuming and DESCRIPTIVE, which I love. To me it perfectly encompasses all the warmth and contentment that accompanies this season. This is the ultimate at-home scene: cozy sweater, cable-knit socks, hot coca, and pursuing a holiday baking magazine for sweet treat inspo.


I realize that I could have gone very literal with this one, but decided to just do something festive and kick off my heels. Actual rocking around the actual Christmas tree did commence. Anything for the shot!

Sugar & Booze

This song is off of Ana Gasteyer's second studio album (who knew!? certainly not me)... and I'm absolutely obsessed with it!! It's swingy and jolly and definitely something that I see being sung at some jazzy cabaret venue. THE BEST PART OF THE HOLIDAYS IS SUGAR AND BOOZE! CHANGE MY MIND!

Silent Night

I feel like this is a perfect capture of what each silent night of 2020 has consisted of: PJs, wine, and screaming at reality tv shows such as Love is Blind, The Circle, and the Bachelorette. All is calm and that screen is BRIGHT.

Santa Tell Me

This is my Ariana moment, aka the complete opposite of my normal aesthetic. I'll be honest, I was never the *biggest* Ariana person (DON'T CANCEL ME FOR THAT) but ever since her new album came out a couple months ago, I've been a fan!! This song in particular is a bop and you can't tell me otherwise!!

Baby It's Cold Outside

Every person who voted for this one included a preface of "I know it's controversial but..." which cracks me up so much. I don't *love* this song, but I will take any opportunity to put on a swanky dress. This song gives me late-night afterparty vibes, which was the mood for this lewk. But also like.....just let her leave??

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Ah yes, a song we can relate to this year...whether we will in fact be staying home for Christmas, or if we'll only be home for Christmas in our dreams. I very much visualized this song taking place somewhere like Grand Central, but the Florida version of that vision was the Winter Park Sunrail station. Hehe.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Because of course it is. And because I needed a photo in this lookbook that incorporated colored Christmas lights.

White Christmas

I'll be honest, that snow in New York from earlier this week has me JEALOUS. Things are FINALLY cooling off here in Orlando (so like....60 degrees) and I have worn exactly one (1) sweater. Forever dreaming of a white Christmas...

All I Want for Christmas is You

I'm not sure why, but this song always makes me think of an office holiday party or a communal celebration of some sort. I wanted to replicate that with a backdrop like you would have for a photobooth, and was inspired by The Confetti Project to throw around some confetti as well!!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Every year (except this one) my mom, sister, and I go see the Nutcracker here in Orlando. It's a tradition that began around age 4 and has persisted ever since. The Tchaikovsky score will ALWAYS make me feel nostalgic for early years at the theater. This look warranted a pastel color palette and frosted makeup, and I decided to do the photos on the roof of the parking garage adjacent to the theater, featuring some of the downtown Orlando skyline!

Mele Kalikimaka

I know that the song references Hawaii again and again, but to be honest it feels like it could be interchangeable with Florida as well. This is the reality of the sunshine state's vibe around this time of year: tropical santa shirt, sunnies, and flip-flops (and at the pool because who are we kidding, it WILL be 75 degrees on Christmas day).

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

This song is probably my personal favorite of them all. There's something so wistful and reflective about it. Coming to the end of a year and saying "so this is Christmas, and what have you done?" I immediately got Christmas flower child images flashing through my brain, and knew I wanted to be in a field for these photos, so that's exactly what we did. To go a little more deep and cerebral, 2020 definitely felt like the year of endurance and resilience - it was a time that tested us all, and I can't help but feel like this new year on our horizon will be a bit of a turning point for everyone. I mean, it has to right? To quote the song, "let's hope it's a good one without any fear."

Thank you all so much for your eyes and your encouragement throughout the past couple months of this new endeavor of mine! I appreciate it and you more than you will ever know. I hope that no matter where you are or what you're going through at present, you're able to nestle in the pockets of contentment that are around us always. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!


Please note that masks were worn at all times by the photographer, photographer's assistant, and myself when not actively shooting. All outdoor shots were taken in isolated areas very far away from other people, and all indoor shots were taken in my home.


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