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Hostess Gifts That Don't Suck

Tis the season for socializing! Friendsgivings, ornament swaps, holiday party after holiday party, the friend-of-a-friend's potluck... There is no shortage of festivities this time of year.

Because you were raised with manners, you know that you should never arrive to a party empty-handed. You're probably used to grabbing whatever pre-made dessert they have at Whole Foods or plucking a bottle of wine from the back of your stash to bring, but if you really want to leave your mark on the evening, trade one of the aforementioned quick finds for one of the dazzling gifts below!

Initial Ice Molds

I love a glacier cube above normal ice cubes. They're much slower to melt and they just look nicer in a glass. Of course, these are especially useful if you're having an on-the-rocks nightcap. Take the sophistication one step further by getting these custom glacier molds to include your host's initial. It'll give added personalization to each of the drinks they serve, and they'll think of you each time they pull them out.

Candle Cloche, Wick Trimmer, Lighter

Candles are such a nice thought as a hostess gift, but I am always a proponent of refraining from giving scented gifts. Everyone's threshold and preferences are so different, and you don't want to give your hostess something that is going to go to the back of a cabinet and/or get regifted at the next gathering. Instead, opt for some decorative candle accessories like a cloche or hurricane, a wick trimmer, or a decorative lighter.


Yes it's true, flowers are a lovely hostess gift - they're beautiful, bright, and are a chance for you to bring YOUR personality and taste into the person's home (albeit for a limited time), though the #1 rule of giving flowers is you must give them pre-arranged in a vase. After all, nothing's worse than giving your host an extra task to do while they're trying to tend to the other guests. Get something simple, yet elegant, like this oval pleated vase from H&M or some others similar to those pictured above. Pro-Tip: H&M actually has really lovely, affordable, decorative vases.

Dish Towel/Bottle Stopper Combo

If you're going to go the bottle of wine route, pair it with some cute accessories that people are always in need of like a dish towel or a bottle stopper. Bonus points if you keep it in theme for the time of year (think snowflake wine stopper) or something personal to the host (like their initial or favorite animal).


If you want to bring something for everyone to partake in, you can't go wrong with a cheeseboard. You don't even need any cooking skills, just an eye for arrangement. An easy way to combine your food contribution with a keepsake for your hostess is by gifting them the board that your beautiful creation will be served on! Target has some cute and affordable options, or if you want something a bit fancier, you could do something from Anthropologie or Mark & Graham.

Cocktail Napkins

You just can't go wrong with some fun and festive cocktail napkins to give alongside your dish or bottle of wine. Grab them at your local paper goods store, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Party City etc. My favorite kind of cocktail napkins are the ones found in obscure corners of little gift shops. They're just so fun to collect over the years!

And there you have it: five perfect gift ideas for your host or hostess! Some of these may feel like a bit more effort than what you're used to exerting/feel is warranted, but just remember how much work, time, and money goes into curating an evening for a group of people. You'll never forget showing your appreciation in an above and beyond way.

I hope wherever the holidays take you this year you have a safe and happy, love-filled time!



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