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NY Now Trade Show

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

*This post is not affiliated with Anjali Pollack Design*

Twice a year at the Javits Center in New York, I attend the NY Now Trade Show on behalf of the interior design firm that I work for. I always get a ton of questions about the event – what it is, why I’m there, what kind of stuff they have (etc)? Today I’m going to be taking you through the entire show and giving you some of the best finds that I came across while walking through!

The NY Now Trade Show consists of vendors who rent out booths to showcase their products (typically their newest stuff) for wholesale and to the trade. Vendors consist of everything from furniture, bedding, bathroom accessories, and tabletop companies to stationary, food, tupperware, party decor companies – and with more than 2,000 vendors, that just skims the surface. Along with the variety of products come a large span of pricing, ranging from super-accessible to ultra-high-end.

My primary purpose for attending the event is shopping for our clients, and putting the finishing touches on their home that is nearing completion, OR finding the perfect new addition for a client’s home that’s already been finished. Either way, it’s a ton of fun!

One of the perks is, of course, scouting things out for myself for future gifts, pieces, or investments, and this show was as exciting as ever! I have made notes of all my exciting finds, and I’m sharing them with you directly! I hope you enjoy!



Fallon & Royce

These little pouches feature sprinkle quotes and tassels. They have these colorful sprinkle fonts and the same styles in a nice crisp black font!


Indigo Handloom

These beautiful and colorful scarves are made on an ancient handloom with very low-impact dyes. The majority of the weavers in India live in poverty, and this enables them to earn an income and provide for their families. Not to mention the beautiful, vivid colors. They’re perfect for spring or to wrap at the beach in the summer. I’ll take TWELVE!!!


Emily Amey Jewelry

Okay. This gemstone jewelry line is my newest obsession. Based out of Brooklyn, Emily Amey moved to NYC to pursue metalworking at FIT. The thought, research, and materials that go into a single piece of jewelry make them extremely high quality. This indigo boulder opal ring is on my wishlist should I happen upon a large chunk of unsuspected money.


If you ever find yourself in need of cute ceramic, clay, or even glass planters, look no further than Chive. These cute colors, patterns, and textures caught my eye, and would be so cute to mix and match!



4 Art Works by Sectis Decor

These mirrored pop art cutouts are so unique and elevated, yet also fun and sassy to display in your home – I think a vanity or giant closet would be the ideal venues. My favorite is (obviously) the “sun shine on my mind” phrasing. They have even more products on their website, which is worth exploring!



Jill Rosenwald Ceramics

Though these are a bit on the expensive side, I am absolutely OBSESSED with these pieces by Jill Rosenwald. The vibrant colors and patterns with the gold trim are fun and exciting, yet still extremely polished.



Cozy Earth

I have to plug my friends over at Cozy Earth who are constantly dazzling us with the latest in their silk bamboo bedding technology. These products are designed to cool and regulate temperature while sleeping – not to mention they are soft, stain resistant, and durable. I personally have the silk pillow and bamboo comforter. Also, each product comes in a really cute canvas bag (pictured above) which comes in super handy for seasonal storage (I only use my comforter in the spring/summer) and travel! If you like something that will cool but still feel weighted, this is the perfect product for you. Word on the street is that they will soon be coming out with a loungewear line also! I can’t wait.


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 7.02.36 AM

We Love Sundays

I’m constantly on the hunt for adorable party products (paper plates/napkins, tabletop decorations etc), and I was so excited to stumble upon We Love Sundays! From banners and garland to plates and napkins, your next get-together is taken care of.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 6.44.21 AM

My Mind’s Eye

Another exciting entertainment find was My Mind’s Eye. They boast a wide variety of paper and party products, but my favorite aspect about the website is you can shop “seasonally” or rather by holiday/event. Currently intrigued with their St. Patrick’s Day collection which I feel is very unique and hard to find (if you’re in the market for St. Patty’s party supplies).

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 6.52.23 AM

Knot & Bow

Continuing with the party products, Knot & Bow offers a variety of party and gift wrapping supplies. My favorite is featured in this above insta pic of theirs – the DIY Gender reveal balloon. Cuuuutttteeee!

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 6.58.39 AM

Meri Meri

Though not a new find, Meri Meri is such a party staple for me that I just had to include it. The caption of this above instagram photo reads “when more is not enough,” and that’s exactly the tagline I associate with this brand. Featuring whimsical yet muted designs, they offer boutique products ranging from paper and party items to pillows, hair accessories, baking supplies, and even baby goods! No matter the party, holiday, or event, you can always find something one-of-a-kind from this company. My current obsession is this “Hoppy Easter” banner.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.45.00 AM

Slant Collection

Drink and party accessories, what’s not to love? Slant Collection is a very affordable brand that boasts some cute glasses, mugs, and barware that could make perfect gifts. Definitely adding this “resting beach face” water bottle to my wishlist for summer vacation hydration! They’re also having a big sale on all holiday stuff, so it’s the perfect time to stock up for next year!




Shiraleah is one of those companies where every SINGLE product is lovable. Their trinkets are cute and trendy, yet unique enough to add a bit of oomph to your home. My witty fav is the “succ it up” planter. I will also certainly be surfing their website come summertime for the perfect summer handbag.


MiniDip by La Vaca Designhouse

Don’t ask me why this was such an eye-catching obsession for me. Maybe it’s my extensive and intense longing for summertime, but these inflatable pools, tubes, and balls are all adult-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. You think I can fit one on my fire escape?? Dare to dream!


Sunnylife is an Australian-based “Summer Lifestyle Brand,” which is an idea I wish I had because what’s not to love? From pool floaties to napkins and cocktail stirrers to ornaments and neon lights, someone needs to stop me from forgoing bills and instead recreating a summer pool party in my apartment.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 6.35.55 AM

Chez Gagne

These sassy letterprint products make perfect gifts for the gal pals in your life who have a little extra snark in their step. Featuring mugs, candles, and my favorite, ‘What in the Fuck’ sorry/sympathy greeting card.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.52.34 AM

Pinch Provisions

This company makes little survival kits that are designed to save you in a pinch (get it? Pinch Provisions)! Though they have various categories, I feel like the one you will actually use in a pinch is the minimergency kit. Featuring products you won’t always have on-hand like double-sided tape, earring backs, a mending kit, and a nail polish remover pad, this is actually a great addition to throw into your to your purse/bag. And it’s cute!

That concludes the Winter 2019 NY Now trade show wrap up! I hope you enjoyed getting to know these various companies and products. The best part of attending this show twice a year is getting to meet the faces behind the brands that I so often work with or buy from (whether personally or professionally). It’s easy to forget that each of these companies began with one or two individuals who had an idea and decided to expand on it. It’s actually incredibly inspiring and exciting to experience!

What is your favorite company mentioned above? Any products you’re excited to purchase? Let me know!


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