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Superbowl Party Worthy of a Touchdown Dance

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It’s that one day a year that unites Americans more than any other national holiday – and no, I’m not talking about the Fourth of July, I’m talking about Superbowl Sunday! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of either the Patriots or the Rams, or you’re just excited to stuff your face with football food and watch Maroon 5 bring the house down at halftime, a Superbowl Party is the perfect opportunity to gather your friends from all walks of life and kick back in a fun and casual environment.

I’m taking you through the playbook of party-planning, and giving you the tips, tricks, and ideas on how to throw the best Superbowl Party to revive you from the bleak, post-holiday winter, and give you and your friends an evening of fun, food, and footballllll.

Custom 36x48 Backdrop - Go Team


First thing’s first: you cannot have a party without decor, and I have two words for you: burlap and grass. Not actual grass, but you know what I mean. Get an inexpensive burlap tablecloth and a faux grass table runner for your food table. Adorn it with some other football-inspired decorations like this sideline garland and these gameday ballons for both the Rams and the Patriots, which would be cute to arrange in two small bouquets, on either side of your table (or in front of your tv).

Catch My Party

Food & Drink Display

To house your yummy gameday foods & bevs, opt for metal and wood – buckets, platters, crates, and jars. These are super easy and relatively inexpensive to quickly snag on Amazon, and will look amazing and understated on your table!

So excited to share the Amazon Event and Party Photos that We Styled! sugar and cloth - ideas - inspiration - christmas - birthday - thanksgiving - valentines day - houston blogger - best DIY blog - ashley rose

Sugar and Cloth


Speaking of food, you’ll need it for the big day. Luckily, football food tends to be sold pre-packaged or pre-cooked, so if you want to go the route of convenience (which is always recommended when hosting), you’ll simply need to pop a few things in the oven, throw them on a tray, and serve. Some fan favorites include chicken wings, sliders, various chips and dips, taquitos, cruidtes, pigs in a blanket, (etc). Pretty much anything battered and fried is fair game. Also, don’t forget the sweets! Decorate some cupcakes and top them with these cupcake toppers.


STL Cooks


So obviously football is the main event, but what do you do if you’re, ya know, bored with football? Take pictures of course! Replicate this cute and simple photo booth for your guests to commemorate the occasion! Add little props for extra fun!

Football watch party ideas and free Printables photo booth DIY

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, and BOOZE!

Obviously beer is a pretty big staple for any sort of sports-watching event, but if you’re wanting to showcase something a little more zesty and festive (or zestive, which is a word I just made up to represent both of those descriptors), you may devise a signature cocktail for the occasion! I stumbled upon this Sparkling Pomegranate Punch recipe and am dying to try it.

pomegranate punch sparkling punch holiday punch christmas punch party punch

There you have it! A quick, little crash-course on how to host the perfect Superbowl party! I hope you’ll implement a couple of these ideas on Sunday with your friends and family. Whether you’re hosting, attending, or abstaining altogether, I hope you have a safe, happy, and festive Superbowl Sunday!


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