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The Bach Pad Moodboard

If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram, then you know that about a month ago, I moved into my third apartment in NYC, a little studio with a terrace on the Upper West Side. Because this is my first time living entirely alone, I've decided to make it the girliest, most "me" I possibly can, and have affectionately named it "The Bachelorette Pad" (The Bach Pad for short).

The building was built in 1900, and after finding a stamp on the back of my vanity mirror in the bathroom dated Sept 7, 1962, I'm led to believe that the apartment hasn't been renovated sine about that time (the tile in both the bathroom and kitchen will confirm that assumption). Since there are so many retro quirks and details in the space, I decided to sort of pay homage to that in the decor, which will be majorly influenced by the Beverly Hills Hotel, including vintage elements, pinks, cerulean, greens, natural textures, little bits of foliage, and flashes of naturally occurring materials like gold, rose quartz, and mother of pearl.

Making this place into a home is going to be a slow labor of love, and I plan on sharing every detail with you on Instagram (beginning with Sofa Wars...reveal to come very soon)! Make sure you're following me there to stay up to date.

In the meantime though, to keep your sights set on the vibes we're pursuing, I wanted to share my moodboard for the apartment:


est 2021

Hope you're having a fantastic summer!!

Chat soon!



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